Wine Bottle Stopper - Assorted Wine Humor Bottle Stoppers by True

Wine Bottle Stopper - Assorted Wine Humor Bottle Stoppers by True

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It never hurts to be prepared, even for events that seem unlikely to ever happen. For example, maybe one day you WON’T finish a whole bottle of wine in one sitting. When that day comes around, you’ll wish you had a witty little stopper featuring one of these sayings. Depending on your outlook, these wine stoppers are either amusingly irreverent or weirdly philosophical. “Screw it” implores you to go with the flow in the face of cosmic uncertainty. “Where there’s wine, there’s a way,” highlights the resilience of the human condition. And “Life happens, wine helps” represents the freeing acceptance of inevitability. We think these stoppers work fine, but we also never leave any half-finished bottles around here so who really knows. If you order only ONE unit of this product, be aware that just as the forces of entropy govern the universe, you will receive a random design chosen from the three sayings at the time of shipping. So your fate is in our hands with this one. Reassuring!

  • Brand-TRUE
  • Product Material-Zinc alloy, enamel, silicone
  • Assorted Wine Humor Bottle Stopper by True, single count.

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