FastLabel 16-26 oz Bomber Wine Labels
FastLabel 16-26 oz Bomber Wine Labels

FastLabel 16-26 oz Bomber Wine Labels

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FastLabel Beer Bottle Sleeves are easy to use and do not require soaking or scrubbing to remove. They are affordable at less than half the price of custom online labels. FastLabels are perfect for competitions, events, and gifts! Pack of 50 labels which fit 16 oz - 26 oz bottles including most 16 oz Flip Tops bottles, 16oz Belgian beer bottles, 22 oz bomber bottles, 750 mL wine bottles, & other sizes in between. Can be used for beer or wine bottles.

FastLabels are attached in just a few simple steps:
- Print & Cut Your Own Designs on Any Type of Paper. Will work with inkjet and laser printed labels.
- Slide Label Between the Sleeve & the Bottle.
- Dip in Hot Water for ½ Second. A Blow Dryer Works Too. Heat WILL NOT Affect Your Brew
   **TIP: To avoid the sleeve slipping down the bottle in this step, hold the top of the sleeve until roughly half the bottle is in the water.
- Dab the Outside of the Sleeve to Remove Excess Water. Safe to the Touch.
- (Optional) Use a Blade or Sharp Scissors to Trim Excess Label Sleeve.
- Enjoy your Brew or Wine with Friends!
- When Ready to Switch Labels, Cut the Sleeve off with a Blade or Sharp Scissors. No Soaking, No Scrubbing.

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