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FermCapS Foam Control

FermCapS Foam Control

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Foam control - also known as FermCapS - is a unique emulsion of dimethylpolysiloxane which prevents foam formation on fermenting beer. Foam reduction prevents mess, allows you to brew a larger quantity in your existing fermenter, improves alpha-acid utilization and CO2 recovery, and prevents hazes due to collapsed foam. FermCapS does not affect the head on your finished beer, but can actually increase the head by retaining head-forming compounds that would have been blown off during ferment. It will settle out of beer before bottling or kegging as it is actually absorbed onto the surface of the yeast cells and filter media. Add two drops per gallon at start of fermentation. Comes packaged in a very handy eye dropper bottle that allows for easy use. FermCapS should be stored below 85F, but should not be allowed to freeze. Good for about 50 batches of beer.

Recommended Usage: Shake vigorously before use. Mix 2-3 drops per gallon into wort when it is transferred into the fermentation vessel. If not added before pitching yeast, FermCapS should be applied carefully to avoid mixing with the yeast. Higher rates of use or additional doses may be called for if the wort contains large amounts of trub (solids), if the wort is highly viscous, if the fermenting vessel is tall and narrow, if the fermentation temperature is high, or if foam is plentiful or robust for any other reason.

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