Five Star Defoamer-105

Five Star Defoamer-105

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Quick acting Five Star Defoamer 105 is a 10% silicone food-grade emulsion designed to control the foaming of beer in kettles and fermenters. Foam reduction prevents mess, allows you to brew a larger quantity in your existing fermenter, improves alpha-acid utilization and CO2 recovery, and prevents hazes due to collapsed foam. It will settle-out of beer before bottling or kegging and should not affect the head retention of your beer. Defoamer 105 disperses easily and is effective against a wide range of food products. All emulsifiers used in Defoamer 105 are nonionic. 2 oz bottle.

Use: Add 1 - 2 drops per gallon in the brew pot while boiling the wort. Do not exceed this dosage or your beer will exceed FDA limitations for silicon content. 

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