Homebrewers Guide to Vintage Beer Book

Homebrewers Guide to Vintage Beer Book

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Home brewers and history buffs take note: Beers in the past were very different from today. In the afterglow of passing trends and forgotten recipes, it nevertheless remains possible to enjoy and indeed re-create at home beloved brews of past generations. 

In The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer, reversed beer historian Ron Pattinson describes with humor and a light heart the development of the major British styles - Porter, Stout, IPA, and barley wine - over the past two centuries. Detailed recipes sources from original material are complemented by meticulous descriptions and explanations of historic ingredients and techniques. 

- More than 100 detailed recipes based on original brewing records

- Record-setting histories of dominant beer styles

- Explanations of and substitutions for historic ingredients

- Dozens of beautiful labels from forgotten breweries

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