Hop Rhizomes (2018)

Pre-ordering for 2018 Hop Rhizomes will run through March 30th, 2018. Preorders will begin shipping mid-late April. Each year we order extra rhizomes for sale and those will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis once all pre-orders have shipped.

These varieties have been hand-selected for their ability to thrive in the Michigan / Midwest growing zones. The Hop Rhizomes we receive are healthy and many have hop shoots already growing. Growing your own hops at home is easy and rewarding. These rhizomes come from some of the best hop-growing farms in the Yakima Valley, which supply 70-75% of all hops grown in the U.S. You can be assured that you are buying quality rhizomes.

Please note that rhizomes are not guaranteed. Once the rhizomes are sold, boxed, and shipped we cannot ensure that proper care and planting will be followed. However, hops are pretty hard to kill and we've included a How to Grow Hops guide below.

What are hop rhizomes? Hop rhizomes are small roots that are cut from the main root system of a mature female hop plant. And a hop plant is a perennial plant that produces little cones or flowers called hops, which are one of the main ingredients in brewing beer. In the springtime, after the rhizomes are planted, the bines (hop vines) of a new hop plant begin to grow. Hop vines are capable of growing up to 12 inches a day under ideal conditions. However, most grow approximately 2 feet per week. The bines grow vertically winding around their support system in a clockwise direction following the sun. In June as the plant reaches its maximum height, which could be anywhere from 15-25 feet, it will begin to grow sidearms. The sidearms will then bear the hop cones. When this happens, it is known as flowering. In order for flowering to occur, the weather must be frost free for about 120 days, the plant must have ample moisture, and there must be plenty of long length sunlight.

Click here to view our guide on How to Grow Hop Rhizomes.

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Magnum Hop Rhizome
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Mt. Hood Hop Rhizome
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Northern Brewer Hop Rhizome
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Nugget Hop Rhizome
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Sterling Hop Rhizome
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Tettnang Hop Rhizome
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Willamette Hop Rhizome
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