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Meussdoerffer Melanoidin Malt

Meussdoerffer Melanoidin Malt

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Meussdoerffer Melanoidin Malt is a kilned specialty malt similar to dark aromatic munich malt. Improves flavor, fullness and mouthfeel. It has a high degree of modification of both proteins and starches, and high acidity. Melanoidin malt is best used in dark or red-colored beers such as amber ales, scottish ales, Irish red ales, bocks, and Kellerbier. Sold per pound.
Flavor: Rich malt flavor with notes of honey and biscuit
Lovibond: 30 - 40
color: deep amber to reddish brown
• Up to 20% in Amber ales, Scottish ales, Bocks, Kellerbier


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