NZ Waimea Hops, 1 oz. Pellets

NZ Waimea Hops, 1 oz. Pellets

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New Zealand Waimea hops are a dual purpose variety that can be used from early kettle additions right through dry hopping. It is a natural fit for any beer where a powerful hop character is desired. Waimea's typically high alpha acid levels give it considerable bittering potential, but it is most prized for its high oil content (particularly myrcene), low cohumulone, and aromatic impact in the glass. Waimea hop character is described as outsized and assertive with citrus fruit (tangerine and orange) and pine needles for days. A big hop for big beers. 1 oz.

Beer Styles IPA, NEIPA, Double IPA, US Pale Ale
Alpha 16% - 19%
Beta 7% - 9%
Aroma Intense pine and citrus fruit, specifically tangelo, tangerine & orange
Possible Substitutes Pacific Jade, Columbus

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