Omega Yeast Labs OYL052 DIPA Yeast

Omega Yeast Labs OYL052 DIPA Yeast

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Omega OYL-052 DIPA is a strong fermenter popularly referred to as “Conan.” Its peach, apricot and pineapple notes are steroids for hops, complementing modern fruity hop profiles in particular. A diacetyl rest is suggested if fermented in the lower temperature range. Many brewers enjoy blending DIPA with British V (OYL-011) for enhanced haze and complex, fruity ester profile.

Attenuation: 72 - 80%
Flocculation: Medium-Low
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 65 - 72° F (18 - 22° C)
Alcohol Tolerance: 11%

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