Pekko Hops, 2 oz. Pellets

Pekko Hops, 2 oz. Pellets

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Pekko is another unique hop variety from ADHA. Pekko is named after the Finnish God of farming, field and crops. Pekko has a complex herbal character that can be likened to mint, juniper, or sage. Because of this, the bitterness comes across as very clean and crisp with a pleasant bite. There are backing notes of tropical fruits, pear and melons, but they are subdued in comparison to the herbal notes. 2 oz.

Beer Styles Pale Ale
Alpha 13% - 16%
Beta 3.5 - 4.25%
Aroma Clean, pleasant, floral, citrus, mint, herbal, pineapple, thyme, Saaz-like cucumber, sage, touch of lemon
Possible Substitutes Saaz

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