All Grain Brewing Equipment Package

All Grain Brewing Equipment Package

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Piece together all of the equipment you want, and need, to begin brewing all-grain batches of homebrew.
The Necessities:

Mash Tun
 - 10 Gallon Industrial Cooler w/Stainless Steel Assembly: perfect for up to 20 lbs of grain (5 gallons of beer at 12%+ ABV, or 10 Gallons of beer at 5% ABV)
 - OR False Bottle Assembly: Perfect if you have an Igloo Cooler already, and just need the inside parts to convert it into a mash tun.

 - This thermometer has an easy-to-read 2" dial, a clip to hang the thermometer on the side of your kettle, and a 12" probe. You'll want a handy thermometer like this to check water and mash temps.

Brewing Kettle  
 - 8 Gallon Size: Perfect size for full-volume boils (6-7 gallons) for a standard 5-gallon batch of beer  
 - OR 16 Gallon Size: Perfect for up to 10 gallon batches of beer, if you see that for yourself now or in the future. Also ideal for brewing 5 Gallon of beer via the Brew in a Bag method.

 - 16" Economy: It's built to combat the inefficiencies that come with other economy style burners (ei: turkey fryers) and it fits a wide range of kettle sizes. Perfect for 5 gallon batches.
 - OR Blichmann HellFire: A total beast of a burner. Super efficient. Super powerful. Can bring water to a boil for up to 20 gallons of beer.

Wort Chiller
 - 25' Standard Immersion Chiller: Great for getting a full 5-gallons of wort cooled within 20 minutes.
 - OR 50' Jumbo Immersion Chiller: Perfect for cooling 10+ gallon batches down to yeast pitching temperatures in minimal time. Cut down your cooling time to 10 minutes for 5-gallons!

Completely Optional but Super Handy:

Refractometer: This measures the gravity of solution, just like a hydrometer. However, you only need a couple of drops of solution on the plate for an accurate reading. The Automatic Temperature Compensator means no time wasted cooling the sample to a specific tempterature. This is really helpful to confirm conversion of starches into sugars during the mash and making sure your gravity is on point prior to boil.

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