Beer Faucet - Intertap Stainless Steel Faucet w/ Stout Spout

Beer Faucet - Intertap Stainless Steel Faucet w/ Stout Spout

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The Intertap Stout Faucet is ideal for serving nitro beers or cold brew coffee on draft. The Intertap Stout Spout comes pre-installed and features a creamer/aerator disc inside that will strip out gas when pouring, resulting in a dense, creamy head. Ideal for serving with Nitrogen/CO2 beer gas mixture, but can be used with straight CO2 as well.

Please note: the standard faucet spout is not included with the Intertap Stout Faucet. The standard spout is available for purchase separately if you want both spout options on hand.

The patented Stainless Steel Intertap Faucet is a forward sealing faucet similar to the Perlicks. It has a modular, threaded spout which can fit a variety of different attachments including a growler filler or a stout spout.

In normal rear-sealing faucets the entire faucet has to drain of beer. In forward-sealing faucets the faucet keeps beer in it so the inside doesn't have a chance to get sticky, making cleaning much easier. It also reduces the chance of off flavors transferring to your beer while you pour.

Other forward sealing faucets use a floating o-ring, which is just as sanitary but requires the o-ring to move inside the faucet body in order to seal correctly. This can become a problem as the faucet ages. Intertap faucets use a sliding shuttle that guides the o-ring into the perfect position every time.

The threaded spout easily unscrews from the faucet and can be replaced by a growler filler or other attachment quickly and easily. Pour a pint and then fill a growler in no time at all.

Stainless Steel construction.

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