Oxygenation System Kit

Oxygenation System Kit

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Oxygenation System pumps pure oxygen into cooled wort using a disposable oxygen tank and stainless steel diffusion stone. A minute or two of use canadequately aerate the wort, depending on the starting gravity. This oxygenation system comes with a LHT regulator, sanitary inline filter, .5 micron stainless steel oxygenation stone and tubing. Requires use with a disposable oxygen tank which is not included but can be acquired at home improvement stores, pet supply stores, and hardware stores. A disposable oxygen tank can last for up to 15 five gallon batches.

Notes from the Manufacturer: There are two sides to the filter - an "in" and an "out". The direction you use doesn't matter, however, you'll want to take note of which way you  push air through it first and make sure to always keep it that way. There is an arrow on the edge of the filter housing that can be used to keep the air flow going one direction when in use. The filter should never get wet, so don't try and sanitize it by dunking it in sanitizer. If you want to clean the outside of it, use Alpet D2. To store the filter, use a little tinfoil on the "In" of the filter and store in a zip-lock bag.

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