Beer Faucet - Perlick 630PC Chrome Plated Faucet

Beer Faucet - Perlick 630PC Chrome Plated Faucet

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1" W x 4" H x 2 3/4" D Chrome plated brass faucet body with stainless steel lever. Perlick's forward sealing faucets are unique in both appearance and function. A revolutionary ball and floating front seal design prevents beer from being exposed to air. As a result, the handle lever doesn't stick, and there is no build up of mold and bacteria in the faucet body. Produces a smooth flow with less foaming, ensuring the perfect pour each and every time. Spout angle is more vertical allowing a more thorough draining after each pour - no horizontal area for beer to collect. Fewer internal parts means better reliability and fewer service calls.

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