Hops are one of the key ingredients of great beer! Whether you are looking to brew a bitter IPA or just trying to add aroma, we have dozens of hops to help you craft your brew.
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Hop Hash - Crystal, 1 oz.
1 oz. Crystal Hop Hash. ..
Hop Hash - Idaho 7, 1 oz.
1 oz. Idaho 7 Hop Hash. ..
Hop Hash - Simcoe, 1 oz.
1 oz. Simcoe Hop Hash. ..
HopShot Hop Extract - 10mL
HopShot is a CO2-extracted resin that can be used for bittering or late additions to boiling wort...
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HopShot Hop Extract - 3mL
HopShot is a CO2-extracted resin that can be used for bittering or late additions to boiling ..
Horizon Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Horizon hops are a dual purpose hop variety which have a pleasant and spicy aroma, with floral cha..
Idaho 7 Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Idaho 7 hops are a new experimental variety boasting pungent tropical fruit and pine character. Id..
Jarrylo Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Jarrylo is named after Jarilo, the Slavic god of fertility and springtime. Jarrylo’s banana, pear,..
Lemon Drop Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Lemon Drop hops are an aroma variety known for imparting big lemon flavor when used as a late addi..
Liberty Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Liberty hops are an aroma variety hop which is a half sister to Ultra, Mt. Hood and Crystal. 1 oz...
Magnum Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
US Magnum hops are generally accepted as a clean bittering hop for ales and lagers. These hops hav..
Mandarina Bavaria Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
German Mandarina Bavaria hops display a pleasant fruitiness in finished beers. This aroma hop is a..
Michigan Cascade Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Cascade hops are an aroma variety with well-balanced bittering potential, good for dry hopping. T..
Michigan Cashmere Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Cashmere hops are a dual purpose variety known for contributing fruity flavor and smooth bitternes..
Michigan Centennial Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Centennial hops are very balanced, sometimes called a super Cascade. Centennial hops work perfect..
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