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New in MIBrew: Brewing Water Chemistry Calculator!

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New in MIBrew: Brewing Water Chemistry Calculator!

Today we've added a few new features that'll help brewers calculate brewing water salt additions. Introducing the Brewing Water Chemistry Calculator. Here's how it works:

Brewing Water Profile

  • Edit or create a new recipe
  • Near the bottom of the page click on Water Profile
  • Enter your own water profile or select from one of our generic style-based presets. This will store the profile on your recipe.
  • To use the calculator, click on click on Brew -> Water Chemistry Calculator
  • This will pull in the target water profile into the calculator
  • Enter your base water info (this can also be stored in Settings) and adjust brewing salts to match your target profile

In addition to the brewer water updates, here is a short list of fixes and updates:

  • Fix bug with small avatar for new user
  • Added user avatar in recipe tables
  • Added "Popular Styles" in the Fermentables, Hops and Yeast pages. This uses data from MIBrew recipes to pull out the most popular style a particular ingredient is used in.
  • Revamped the main calculator page. It now looks better and describes what each calculator does.
  • Cleaned up the recipe pages. If a recipe doesn't have any Notes, Other Ingredients, Fermentation Schedule, Mash Schedule, etc., the tables won't show up.

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