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MIBrew - Fall Updates - BeerXML and more!

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MIBrew - Fall Updates - BeerXML and more!
  • Implemented BeerXML import! You can now import recipes from other brewing software. You'll see the new BeerXML Import button the create screen. More info here.
  • Added some new custom icons (hops, yeast, styles, etc.) to help with navigation
  • Changed "Buy" button to "Buy Ingredients" for clarity
  • Fixed bug with reviews that was allowing non-logged in users to leave reviews/spam
  • Add date-picker for non-Chrome browsers
  • Removed the ability to select Mash hops on Extract beer recipes
  • Updated the beer color estimation method. Previous method made beers over 30 SRM way too dark. This new update should be much more accurate.
  • Added mash and fermentation schedule to clone function

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