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Pure Michigan - Detroit Tigers

| Posted in: Michigan
Nothing goes better with a good craft beer than some great spring baseball. With opening day right around the corner, check out this new Pure Michigan video featuring some of our great Detroit Tigers. ...

Hydrometer Temperature Adjustment Calculator

| Posted in: Homebrewing Brewing Tools
We just added a new Hydrometer Temperature Adjustment Calculator to help assist you on your brew days! I know there are many calculators out there but being a developer and a brewer, I just couldn't help but write my own. This is the first of many tools that we plan on incorporating into the site. ...

American Wheat Extract Beer Kit

| Posted in: Beer Kit Instructions
An American Wheat beer with light hopping and a clean, neutral finish. This is an easy to brew beer that is always sure to be a crowd pleaser! The American Wheat beer has a slight hop aroma but does not have the clove and banana aromas common to German hefeweizens. Click here for the Recipe Kit ...

Welcome to Michigan Brew Supply!

| Posted in: News
Greetings and welcome to Michigan Brew Supply! We are a new online homebrew supply store based in Saginaw, MI. Here you will find the equipment and ingredients at excellent prices to help you create great beer. After months of planning and hard work we have finally decided that we can't wait any ...

Brewing Log

| Posted in: Homebrewing
Any good brewer will tell you that keeping a detailed log of your brewing process is a great way to find tune your craft. Here is a basic Brewing Log we've created to help keep track of things on brew day. Click on the image below to download. Updated on 10/27/2014 with our new and improved B...

How long can I store my grains?

| Posted in: Grains
Crushed Crushed grains should be used within 2 months of crushing. Uncrushed Uncrushed grains can keep up to 1 year. Old grain can go stale on you which will affect enzyme activity so it is always recommended to use it as quickly as possible. Grain should be always stored in a cool, low ...
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