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Testing and Measuring

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Thermometer - Waterproof Digital Thermometer
Digital thermometer has a stainless steel piercing probe which can read temperatures from -58..
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Thermometer for Ss Brewtech Fermenters
Ss Brewtech Temperature Display Module for Chronical Series Fermenters. Digital temp sensor ..
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Thief - 3 Piece Plastic
1" diameter with adjustable length of 10" or 18". Safe, food grade material. ..
Thief - Glass
Glass thief for pulling samples of wine or beer. Glass preferred over plastic because it is easier..
Thief - The Sampler
The Wine Thief (sampler) allows you to easily draw samples and take a hydrometer reading at the sa..
A vinometer is a homebrew wine alcohol meter. Vinometers estimate the alcohol content of dry, stil..
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