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For an ever expanding selection of all grain recipe kits,
please visit MIBrew - our recipe database & creation tool.


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Click here to visit MIBrew.

Step 1 - Browse thousands of recipes OR create your own.
Step 2 - Click "Buy Ingredients" when you've selected your next brew.
Step 3 - Continue to Checkout -OR- continue shopping.

*If you plan to order more than one all grain kit, simply click "Buy Ingredients" on each recipe. The ingredients will be sorted out in the Shopping Cart as separate kits by default. Already have one of the ingredients at home? You can easily remove a single item from the Shopping Cart without removing everything else from the kit. This ensures that each recipe kit will be conveniently packed in its own bag in the exact quantities of grain needed - saving you tons of time sorting & measuring & milling & repackaging & storing the leftovers yourself.

We'll package your order & have it ready for pickup or shipped directly to you.

Just like any other all-grain beer kit online... except that ours are freshly picked, freshly milled (if needed) & customizable!


Other handy features built into MIBrew:

Need Brewing Steps and/or Mash Water Calculations? These are available for view/print on every MIBrew recipe page under the "Brew" tab.

Create a Brew Log: We'll guide you through the brew with a detailed log to help you keep track of your brew day.

Enjoy! And once you have sampled your new favorite beer, you have the option to rate the recipe or make notes for future changes if needed.

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