Dual Scale Refractometer

Dual Scale Refractometer

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Measures Brix: 0-32% AND, more importantly for homebrewers, Specific Gravity:1.000-1.120

Refractometers instantly read the gravity of your wort and can do so more accurately than a hydrometer. Automatic temperature compensation of 10 - 30 degrees allows for an instant reading. Use the dropper (included) to pull a sample of your wort and apply a couple drops onto the prism face. Close the cover, and hold up to the light. Readings of the measure of specific gravity and brix can be seen through the eyepiece. The dual scale feature means there is no need convert to specific gravity as the scale measures both Brix and SG. Comes in a hard carrying case.

One of our favorite uses for a refractometer is during mash/sparge on brew day. It helps us confirm conversion of starches to sugars, as well as provide confirmation that we're on track to reach our post-boil SG. Our other favorite use is for small batches (less than 5 gallons) so as to minimize the product waste involved with pulling a sample large enough to test a hydrometer in.

HEADS UP: AFTER fermentation begins, you'll still want to use a hydrometer for readings because the alcohol in solution will skew a refractometer reading. 

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