Tubing - EvaBarrier Double Wall 4mm x 8mm

Tubing - EvaBarrier Double Wall 4mm x 8mm

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EVABarrier double wall tubing is an excellent choice for all draft dispensing applications. The inner barrier is an excellent gas barrier, keeping oxygen out and CO2 in. The inner wall is also extremely smooth to prevent bacteria and other microbes from attaching to the inside surface. The outer barrier gives the tubing a decent stiffness while still remaining pliable. This makes EVA Barrier remarkably kink resistant and the perfect choice for use with Duotight, John Guest, and other push-in fittings.

The 4 mm (5/32") ID size is perfect for home draft applications where only a short beverage line is needed. We recommend using 5-6 ft. per line for adequate flow resistance.

Inner Diameter - 4 mm (5/32")
Outer Diameter - 8 mm (5/16")
12 m Roll (39 ft.)
PVC, BPA , and Plasticizer Free*
Outer wall prevents oxidation and CO2 loss
Smooth inner wall prevents microbial growth build-up

*EVABarrier does not contain plasticizers, or phthalates, that are used to make PVC flexible. These plasticizers are known to leach out into the beer over time and have adverse health effects.

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