Caramel Crystal Malts

Caramel Malts are roaster produced. Roasters, rather than kilns, make the fullest flavored and best performing Caramel Malts. Drum roasters are efficient for the true crystallization of sugars and development of unique flavors, colors and physical properties only associated with the glassy, crystallized sugars of Caramel Malt. Caramel Malts are characterized by a glassy endosperm with varying degrees of sweet flavor ranging from light caramel to toffee to burnt sugar. A distinguishing characteristic of Caramel Malts is their ability to improve foam development and stability and enhance viscosity due to non-fermentable structures they contribute to beer.

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Briess Caramel Crystal 10L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 10L malt adds candylike sweetness to homebrews. Light in color contribution..
Briess Caramel Crystal 120L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 120L malted grain contributes varying shades of red hue as well as pronounc..
Briess Caramel Crystal 20L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 20L malted grain has a candylike sweetness which can be used for balance in..
Briess Caramel Crystal 40L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 40L malted grain can be used for balance and color contribution in Pilsners..
Briess Caramel Crystal 60L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 60L malted grain contributes deep golden hues and balance to Pilsners an..
Briess Caramel Crystal 80L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 80L has flavors of pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar, and raisin. Cara..
Briess Caramel Crystal 90L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 90L malted grain can be used in small amounts to provide balance in Pils..
Briess Caramel Munich Malt Grain
This darker colored, more intensely flavored Caramel Munich malt is excellent in IPAs, Pale Ales, ..
Briess Carapils Dextrine Malt
Briess Carapils, also named Cara-Pils, is a very unique dextrine-style malt that adds body, foam r..
Dingemans Special B Grain Malt
Through it’s unique double drying process, Dingeman's Special B Malt has a unique aroma and flavor..
Simpsons Caramalt Malt
Simpsons Caramalt imparts lightly sweet flavors and adds a slight red hue to finished beers. Caram..
Simpsons Crystal Dark Malt
Simpsons Crystal Dark imparts darker hues of copper to amber to the finished beer and contributes ..
Simpsons Crystal Extra Dark Malt
Simpsons Crystal Extra Dark imparts deep copper to rich amber hues to the finished beer and contri..
Simpsons Crystal Light Malt
Simpsons Crystal Light imparts brilliant golden hues to the finished beer and contributes subtle fla..
Simpsons Crystal Medium Malt
Simpsons Crystal Medium imparts a more dark-golden to copper hues to the finished beer and contrib..
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