FerMonster 1 Gallon Wide Mouth PET Fermenter

FerMonster 1 Gallon Wide Mouth PET Fermenter

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1 Gallon wide mouth PET fermenter. FerMonsters are the world's biggest wide-mouth carboys! FerMonster carboys have many benefits over traditional carboys. They are Easy to Clean: Unlike most carboys, these have smooth, ribless sides and a 4" wide mouth to reduce the residual yeast and sediment. Easy to Fill: The wide mouth opening reduces spillage and the need for additional equipment, such as a funnel.

Best of all - it's built right!

- It has enough capacity to use for primary fermentation as well as secondary.

- The FerMonster comes in multiple sizes: 1-gallon, 3-gallon, 6-gallon, and 7-gallon.

- The lid is constructed as one piece, providing a perfect, airtight seal.**

- Made with food-grade materials & is BPA-free.

**Requires a #10 stopper or medium bung**

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