Lallemand LalBrew CBC-1 Cask & Bottle Conditioning Yeast

Lallemand LalBrew CBC-1 Cask & Bottle Conditioning Yeast

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CBC-1 has been specially selected for its refermentation properties and is recommended for Cask and Bottle Conditioning. CBC-1 referments beers up to 12-14% ABV due to its high resistance to alcohol and pressure; it does not produce flavors, therefore, conserving the original character of the beer. The yeast will settle and form a tight mat at the end of refermentation. CBC-1 is best used for refermentation purposes conducted preferably with priming sugars such as dextrose. CBC-1 can also be used for primary fermentation and is especially suitable for Champagne-like beers and fruit beers. CBC-1 will ferment and referment within a range of temperature of 15° to 25°C (59° to 77°F). This particular strain has also been extensively tested for high gravity brewing to produce flavored-alcohol beverages.

Attenuation: High Alcohol Tolerance (12%-14% ABV)
Flocculation: Shows flocculation and sedimentation at the end of the refermentation period.
Fermentation Temperature: 15° - 25°C (59° - 77°F); 

• Fermentation can be completed in 3 days at 20°C (68°F)
• Refermentation (100%) can be completed within 14 days at 15-25°C. If the beer is already partly carbonated the pitching rate can be reduced.

Lallemand CBC-1 Cask & Bottle Conditioning Yeast Data Sheet

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