SafCider TF-6 Hard Cider Yeast

SafCider TF-6 Hard Cider Yeast

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SafCider TF-6 is the right yeast choice for maximizing the fruitiness of hard cider. This hard cider yeast strain ensures very good assimilation of fructose and is excellent for low gravity ciders.

Sensory Profile:
  • Very high aromatic intensity and complexity towards fresh fruity notes (apple, banana-pear, red, citrus, and exotic fruits) combined with interesting elaborated fruit notes (applesauce).
  • Sweet and round mouthfeel strengthening candy like sensation.
  • Total Acidity: Low
  • Total Esters: Medium
  • For sweet ciders from fresh apple juices.
SafCider TF-6 Hard Cider Yeast Data Sheet

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