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Thermometer - 3" Face x 2.5" Probe, Weldless

Thermometer - 3" Face x 2.5" Probe, Weldless

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1/2" Male NPT fitting, 2 1/2" probe, 3" Dial Diameter, and scale of 20°-240°F. A thermometer is an essential tool for accurately following a mash regimen. Upgrade any vessel and enjoy monitoring temperature from a safe distance! Gone are the days of opening kettle lids to check wort or mash temperatures! 2.5" probe is short enough to stay out of the way of Immersion Chillers or heat exchangers making it ideal for use in your Hot Liquor Tank or Boil Kettle. Hermetically sealed face. All Stainless Construction. This kettle thermometer requires a 1" hole to be drilled in the vessel and is installed into the side of the pot. Use with the Kettle Thermometer Weldless Kit

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