Whirlfloc Tablets - 10 Ct.

Whirlfloc Tablets - 10 Ct.

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Whirlfloc is a clarifying agent used in brewing during the boil. It is a concentrated tablet derived from Irish Moss. It reacts with colloidal, haze promoting material in the wort to accelerate the formation of dense and compact trub during the hot and cold wort breaks. Whirlfloc binds with the trub and is removed with that material by settling or filtration before the beer is finished. It does not remain in the beer. This saves time, boosts wort recovery, and results in a brighter wort. Improved wort clarity also leads to cleaner fermentation and easier filtration afterward. Add one tablet per 5-gallon batch within the last 15 minutes of the boil. Package of 10 tablets.

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