Winexpert Classic Italian Pinot Grigio 1 Gallon Wine Kit

Winexpert Classic Italian Pinot Grigio 1 Gallon Wine Kit

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The Italians have their own way with the Pinot Gris grape variety, and in the process they create a special magic with it that's unmatched elsewhere in the wine world. Though dry in character and with a pleasant zip of acidity, this Pinot Grigio shows off a pleasant floral fragrance and tremendous fruit flavors (green apple, lemon, lime), making it the perfect picnic accompaniment. Kit makes 1 gallon of Italian Pinot Grigio wine. Includes instructions and all ingredients. 4 Week Kit.

ABV: 12.5%
Body: Light-Medium
Oak: None
Sweetness: Dry

Additional Supplies Required:
1.5+ Gallon Food-grade plastic fermentor with lid.
1+ Gallon plastic or glass secondary fermentor w/bung or lid and airlock.
Siphon + Tubing
Hydrometer Thermometer
Mixing Spoon
5 Glass Wine Bottles + Corks

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