Grain Malts & Adjuncts

At Michigan Brew Supply all homebrew grains and adjuncts are sold by the pound but you also have the ability to order smaller quantities. Simply add your needed amount on the product pages. See the chart below for oz. to lb. conversions.

1 oz. = 0.0625 lb. 5 oz. = 0.3125 lb. 9 oz. = 0.5625 lb. 13 oz. = 0.8125 lb.
2 oz. = 0.125 lb. 6 oz. = 0.375 lb. 10 oz. = 0.625 lb. 14 oz. = 0.875 lb.
3 oz. = 0.1875 lb. 7 oz. = 0.4375 lb. 11 oz. = 0.6875 lb. 15 oz. = 0.9375 lb.
4 oz. = 0.25 lb. 8 oz. = 0.5 lb. 12 oz. = 0.75 lb. 16 oz. = 1 lb.
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Avangard Malz Premium Dark Munich Malt
Avangard Malz Premium Dark Munich Malt is made of the finest 2-Row spring barley grown in the most..
Avangard Malz Premium German Pilsen Malt
Avangard Malz Premium Pilsen Malt is made of the finest 2-Row spring barley grown in the most prom..
Briess 2-Row Brewers Malt
Briess 2-Row Brewers Malt is malted in small batches, making it an excellent fit for small-batch c..
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Briess 2-Row Pale Ale Malt
Briess Pale Ales Malt is used as a rich, malty 2-Row base malt. A fully modified, high extract, lo..
Briess Black Malt
Briess Black (Patent) Malt may be used in dark beers for flavor or in small quantities in all s..
Briess BlackPrinz Malt
Delicate, clean flavors make Briess BlackPrinz malt ideal for contributing color when little flavo..
Briess Bonlander Munich 10L Grain Malt
Briess Bonlander Munich Malt 10L has a clean, smooth, malty flavor and contributes orange to amber..
Briess Carabrown Grain Malt
Briess Carabrown Malt was developed on the light side of the brown malt style in order to retain s..
Briess Caramel Crystal 10L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 10L malt adds candylike sweetness to homebrews. Light in color contribution..
Briess Caramel Crystal 120L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 120L malted grain contributes varying shades of red hue as well as pronounc..
Briess Caramel Crystal 20L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 20L malted grain has a candylike sweetness which can be used for balance in..
Briess Caramel Crystal 40L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 40L malted grain can be used for balance and color contribution in Pilsners..
Briess Caramel Crystal 60L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 60L malted grain contributes deep golden hues and balance to Pilsners an..
Briess Caramel Crystal 80L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 80L has flavors of pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar, and raisin. Cara..
Briess Caramel Crystal 90L Malt
Briess Caramel Crystal 90L malted grain can be used in small amounts to provide balance in Pils..
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