Hops are one of the key ingredients of great beer! Whether you are looking to brew a bitter IPA or just trying to add aroma, we have dozens of hops to help you craft your brew.
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Ahtanum Hop Pellets
US Ahtanum hops are used for their aromatic properties and moderate bittering qualities. 1 oz. ..
Amarillo Hop Pellets
An aroma hop which contributes very distinct lemon, orange and grapefruit characteristics. Great f..
Amarillo Hops - One Pound
Coming soon...
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Apollo Hop Pellets
The very high alpha acid content & good storage stability make Apollo an excellent choice for..
AU Galaxy Hop Pellets
Australian AU Galaxy hops have high bittering capabilites while also able to contribute distinct ..
AU Galaxy Hop Pellets - Half Pound
Australian AU Galaxy hops have high bittering capabilities while also able to contribute distinct..
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AU Helga Hop Pellets
Australian Helga, formerly known as Southern Hallertau is an aroma hop known for its delicate flor..
AU Pride of Ringwood Hop Pellets
Australian Pride of Ringwood hops are a high alpha variety with pleasant hop aroma imparting a uni..
AU Stella Hop Pellets
Stella hops, also known as Ella, are Australia's newest aroma hop cultivar. AU Stella hops ar..
AU Summer Hop Pellets
Australian Summer hops bring a promise of subtle, light apricot and melon flavors in a number of b..
AU Super Pride Hop Pellets
Australian Super Pride is a high alpha acid hop which, like its mother Pride of Ringwood, is predo..
AU Sylva Hop Pellets
Australian Sylva hops closely resemble its parent, Czech Saaz. AU Sylva hops are an aroma hop with..
AU Topaz Hop Pellets
Australian Topaz is a rare gem. Down to earth or bright and breezy, depending on application. Dry ..
Azacca Hop Pellets
Azacca hops have excellent aromatic qualities which make them a go-to hop for late and dry hop add..
Bravo Hop Pellets
Bravo hops, also known as HOPSTEINER 0146, are a second generation super high alpha variety which ..
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