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Hops are one of the key ingredients of great beer! Whether you are looking to brew a bitter IPA or just trying to add aroma, we have dozens of hops to help you craft your brew.
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UK Target Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
UK Target hops are an excellent bittering hop that tends to be too harsh for aroma purposes late i..
Vanguard Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
US Vanguard hops are an aroma hop similar to Hallertau with herbal and floral tones. 1 oz. ..
Wai-iti Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
Wai-iti is a granddaughter of Liberty and is derived from 1/3 Hallertau MIttelfrüh. Fresh peaches ..
Warrior Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
US Warrior hops are used for their mild, clean bittering properties. These hops have a mild and re..
Willamette Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
US Willamette hops are a quality aroma hop with low alpha content. These hops have a mild and plea..
Zythos Hops, 1 oz. Pellets
US Zythos hops are an excellent blend for any hop forward beer. These hops have a distinct tropica..
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