Flaked Wheat
Flaked Wheat

Flaked Wheat

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Note: Amounts less than 1 lb. are allowed for grains and adjuncts. See the chart for oz. to lb. conversions.

Flaked Wheat offers the benefits of unmalted wheat in a convenient flaked form. Unmalted wheat has a strong grain flavor and a very light straw color. It is used in many traditional Belgian styles to add flavor and cloudiness and improve head retention. Unlike raw, whole grains, the starch in flaked wheat is pre-gelatinized, so a separate cereal mash is usually unnecessary. However, the protein content is high. Depending upon use, a protein rest may be required. Sold per pound. Lovibond: 2


  • Pregelatinized Wheat Flakes can be used in place of Wheat Malt to make Wheat Beer. Flakes will yield a different flavor profile than Wheat Malt.
  • Use in the production of Belgian Wit Beers
  • Use up to 40% as a cereal adjunct in the total grist
  • Use 0.5-1.0% to a standard brew to increase foam stability.

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