Proximity Malted Oats

Proximity Malted Oats

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Note: Amounts less than 1 lb. are allowed for grains and adjuncts. See the chart for oz. to lb. conversions.
Proximity Malted Oat adds silkiness, fullness & a creamy texture to beer. The husk of malted oats resembles rice hulls and can aid in filtration. Sold per pound - fractions of pounds accepted.

Flavor: Delicate, malty sweetness as compared to raw or rolled oats
Lovibond: 2 - 3
• Up to 10% in Juicy or Hazy IPAs and NEIPAs
• Stouts and Porters
• Any beer style;
• To add silkiness, fullness and creamy texture
• To promote foam development and foam stability

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