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Recipe by MichiganBrewSupply American Amber Ale Extract 5.00 Gallon Batch 2.50 Gallon Boil 60 Minute Boil Created 1/9/2018 Updated 1/14/2018 No Reviews Comments

Gather all needed ingredients and read through the brew steps.
Collect 2.50 gallons of water in your brew kettle and begin heating.

Steeping Grains

Pour the following ingredients into a mesh bag:
  • 0.50 lb Caramel/Crystal 20L
  • 4.00 oz Roasted Barley
Steep grain for 20 minutes or until water reaches 170 F
Remove mesh bag and discard
Bring water to a boil


To avoid scorching, remove kettle from heat source
Add the following fermantables to the kettle:
  • 6.60 lb - Amber Liquid Malt Extract
  • 1.00 lb - Pale Ale Dry Malt Extract
Return to a boil

Hops and Kettle Additions

As soon as you reach a boil, set timer for 60 minutes
  • After 0 minute(s), add 1.00 oz Centennial and boil for 60 minute(s).
  • After 45 minute(s), add 1.00 oz Saaz and boil for 15 minute(s).


When the 60 minute boil is complete, cool the wort to 78 F as rapidly as possible. Use a wort chiller or place the kettle in an ice bath.
While the wort cools, sanitize the fermenting equipment - fermentor, lid or stopper, air lock, funnel, etc. along with the yeast pack and a pair of scissors.
Pour in the cooled wort into your fermentor. Leave any thick sludge in the bottom of the kettle.
Add more cold water as needed to bring the volume to 5.00 gallons.
Using a hydrometer, take a gravity reading from a sample of your wort. This should be close to the estimated O.G. (original gravity) of 1.055.
Seal the fermentor and aerate the wort. Rock fermentor back and forth for a few minutes or use an aeration stone.


Add Safale US-05 Dry Beer Yeast once the temperature of the wort is 78 F or lower.
Seal the fermentor with stopper or lid. Add water into the sanitized airlock and then insert the airlock into the rubber stopper or lid.


Allow beer to ferment at 68 F for 14 Day(s)

Created with MIBrew from Michigan Brew Supply