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Latest Homebrew Recipes

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Recipe Name Beer Style Recipe Type OG ABV IBU Author
Hfhg Alternative Grain Beer All Grain 1.000 0.0% 0 Avatar for michael2109 michael2109
Wascher Amber American Amber Ale All Grain 1.037 3.9% 58 Avatar for MichiganBrewSupply MichiganBrewSupply
Rock Rapids Irish Ale Irish Red Ale All Grain 1.047 4.5% 23 Avatar for JennErik JennErik
Imperial Stout 10.0% Version Imperial Stout All Grain 1.105 9.8% 73 Avatar for shamilton2 shamilton2
"Isle Of Dreams" Hoppy Ale (20—22) American IPA All Grain 1.086 8.4% 9 Avatar for Henrik Henrik
Light Hearted Clone American IPA All Grain 1.044 4.2% 30 Avatar for Bulldog Bulldog
Sticke Wicket Altbier All Grain 1.065 6.4% 31 Avatar for gtabak gtabak
Blind Pig IPA Reduced IBUs American IPA All Grain 1.063 6.2% 82 Avatar for ben_beer ben_beer
Wascher Blonde Blonde Ale All Grain 1.050 5.3% 15 Avatar for MichiganBrewSupply MichiganBrewSupply
Nitro Coffee Stout Sweet Stout All Grain 1.070 6.6% 22 Avatar for suprteacher suprteacher