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Recipe by bruzewski Specialty IPA All Grain 5.50 Gallon Batch 60 Minute Boil 70% Efficiency Created 6/8/2017 Updated 4/10/2021 5.00 1 Brew Log Comments














Amount Fermentable Use %
11.00 lb Pilsen (US) Mash 68.75%
2.00 lb Flaked Wheat (US) Mash 12.50%
2.00 lb Flaked Oat (US) Mash 12.50%
1.00 lb Naked Golden Oats (UK) Mash 6.25%


Amount Hop Use Time AA IBU
1.00 oz Amarillo - Pellet Boil 60 Minute(s) 10.0% 31.63
0.50 oz Citra - Pellet Boil 15 Minute(s) 13.7% 10.75
0.50 oz Simcoe - Pellet Boil 15 Minute(s) 13.0% 10.20
0.50 oz Calypso - Pellet Boil 15 Minute(s) 13.0% 10.20
0.50 oz Citra - Pellet Boil 5 Minute(s) 13.7% 4.32
2.00 oz Citra - Pellet Dry Hop 2 Day(s) 13.7% 0.00
1.50 oz Simcoe - Pellet Dry Hop 2 Day(s) 13.0% 0.00
1.00 oz Amarillo - Pellet Dry Hop 2 Day(s) 10.0% 0.00
0.50 oz Calypso - Pellet Dry Hop 2 Day(s) 13.0% 0.00


Name Attenuation
Wyeast 1318 London Ale III Liquid Yeast 71% - 75%

Mash Schedule

Temperature Time
154 F 60 Minutes

Fermentation Schedule

Temperature Time
65 F 14 Day(s)


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Jannis0711 commented 1 year ago
Hey bruzewski, thanks a lot for the recipe. i'm tryin to brew a M43 clone here in Germany. I come a lot to Michigan for work and M43 is absolutely the best beer i've ever had.

I was only wondering how you get a OG of 1.067 with all that malt and an efficiency of 70%. I put it into my tool and came out at about 1.090 with an estimated efficiency of 60%.
Edited 2020-03-22 17:00:41
michaelabowd commented 3 years ago
Question: is the dry hop added to the secondary? Also, you mention 2 days - does that mean your secondary is only 2 days long? You have total fermentation time of 14 days. Dry hop including racking to secondary on the 12 day?
danielw91 commented 2 years ago
Yes, you dry hop during secondary. Secondary is typically 1 week so I would dry hop the second to last day before you bottle.
Sideofpotatos commented 3 years ago
This recipe looks awesome! I'm about to brew it this week, any hindsight advice or tweaks you would recommend? Like dry hop amounts or time...?
redpiper1 commented 3 years ago
I brewed this two weeks ago and I'll bottle this week. Thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to try it !
mattMIBS commented 3 years ago
Sweet! You'll have to let us know how it turned out.
redpiper1 commented 3 years ago
Absolutely :-)
redpiper1 commented 3 years ago
It's incredible and pretty darned close. My OG landed dead on but my FG put it at 7.5% abv. A tiny bit thinner than M-43 but a couple tweaks and...It's really tasty and full on juice.
Drewp8700 commented 4 years ago
Old Nations' ? Nice. Have you tested it to compare yet?

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