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Recipe by Beewrangler63 Clone Beer All Grain 5.50 Gallon Batch 90 Minute Boil 72% Efficiency Created 6/29/2018 Updated 7/12/2018 No Reviews Comments














While in New Orleans this past spring, I ran across and enjoyed this beer made only for sale in Louisiana. I liked it so much, that I began a mission to try and replicate it when I got home. With the help of some Louisiana homebrewers, who gifted me a few bottles to use as my control, I took to the brew kettle and fermenter. I brew BIAB, and this is more a hybrid beer than it is a kolsch. I mash with 7.5 gallons and sparge with the remaining 2 gals that total mash volume calls for. My brewhouse efficiency is 72%. For simplicity, the hops equals 10 grams. I use Wyeast Kolsch 2565 for this brew. I use a starter, and cool the wort to 65F, pitch and let it rise back to 68F and hold there for 3 weeks. I secondary and lager at 35F for another 4 weeks. I bring it back up to room temperature for a day and then prime (2.7 vol) and bottle. Bottle conditioning for about 14 days seems to be about right. I use RO water and my water additions for the 9.5 gals are : 2.6 g Gypsum, 1.5 g Epsom Salt, 1 g Kosher Salt, and 5.7 g of Calcium Chloride. Here is the link to the original, The Boot by Abita Brewing https://abita.com/brews/the-boot. Enjoy!


Amount Fermentable Use %
84.40 oz Pilsen (DE) Mash 45.79%
50.00 oz White Wheat (US) Mash 27.13%
26.20 oz Flaked Oat (US) Mash 14.22%
19.70 oz Caramel/Crystal 10L (US) Mash 10.69%
4.00 oz Acidulated (DE) Mash 2.17%


Amount Hop Use Time AA IBU
0.35 oz Hallertau Blanc - Pellet Boil 60 Minute(s) 10.5% 13.83


Name Attenuation
Wyeast 2565 Kolsch Liquid Yeast 73% - 77%


Name Amount Use Time
Irish Moss 1.00 tsp Boil 15 Minute(s)

Mash Schedule

Temperature Time
154 F 90 Minutes
170 F 10 Minutes

Fermentation Schedule

Temperature Time
68 F 21 Day(s)
35 F 28 Day(s)
70 F 14 Day(s)

Target Water Profile

Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl- SO42- HCO3-
60 5 10 95 55 0


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