Simpsons Naked Golden Oats
Simpsons Naked Golden Oats

Simpsons Naked Golden Oats

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Simpson's Golden Naked Oats are a truly unique brewing ingredient. If you've never brewed with it, you've probably never brewed with anything like it. While most oats used in brewing are unmalted adjuncts, Simpsons Golden Naked Oats is actually a huskless crystal malt. This unique malt has a subtle, nutty flavor with a subdued, grainy sweetness. It imparts light golden hues to the wort while adding body and contributing to a smooth mouthfeel. It also helps produce a creamy, robust head. Although this exotic ingredient is not a traditional component of any beer styles, Simpsons Golden Naked Oats is perfect for malty or full-bodied beers - especially Nut Brown Ales and Stouts. Crystal malts are gently cooked during the malting process. Cooking initiates the enzymatic conversion of starches into fermentable sugars, and caramelizes some of the sugars as the malt reaches its final color. This eliminates the need to mash crystal malt, and ensures that some of the sugars will survive fermentation to sweeten the beer.
Flavor: Sublte nutty flavor with subdued, grainy sweetness.
Lovibond: 5.5 - 9.6
Color: light golden hues
• Use up to 10% for subtle nutty flavors in Nut Brown Ales or Stouts. Can also be used in other styles to add body and smooth mouthfeel.

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