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Recipe by shamilton2 American IPA All Grain 11.00 Gallon Batch 60 Minute Boil 75% Efficiency Created 5/15/2023 Updated 5/16/2023 No Reviews 0 Brew Log Comments














Amount Fermentable Use %
22.00 lb 2-Row (US) Mash 74.58%
3.50 lb Bonlander Munich 10L (US) Mash 11.86%
1.50 lb Caramel/Crystal 20L (US) Mash 5.08%
1.50 lb Carapils (US) Mash 5.08%
1.00 lb Caramel/Crystal 40L (US) Mash 3.39%


Amount Hop Use Time AA IBU
0.80 oz Warrior - Pellet Boil 60 Minute(s) 16.0% 19.19
0.50 oz Centennial - Pellet Boil 20 Minute(s) 9.1% 4.13
0.50 oz Cascade - Pellet Boil 20 Minute(s) 7.0% 3.18
0.50 oz Simcoe - Pellet Boil 20 Minute(s) 13.0% 5.90
0.50 oz Amarillo - Pellet Boil 20 Minute(s) 10.0% 4.54
1.00 oz Centennial - Pellet Boil 10 Minute(s) 9.1% 4.95
1.00 oz Cascade - Pellet Boil 10 Minute(s) 7.0% 3.80
1.00 oz Simcoe - Pellet Boil 10 Minute(s) 13.0% 7.07
1.00 oz Amarillo - Pellet Boil 10 Minute(s) 10.0% 5.43
2.00 oz Cascade - Pellet Dry Hop 14 Day(s) 7.0% 0.00
1.50 oz Centennial - Pellet Dry Hop 14 Day(s) 9.1% 0.00
1.50 oz Amarillo - Pellet Dry Hop 14 Day(s) 10.0% 0.00
1.50 oz Simcoe - Pellet Dry Hop 14 Day(s) 13.0% 0.00


Name Attenuation
Wyeast 1056 American Ale Liquid Yeast 73% - 77%


Name Amount Use Time
Whirlfloc Tablet 2.00 each Boil 5 Minute(s)

Mash Schedule

Temperature Time
154 F 60 Minutes

Fermentation Schedule

Temperature Time
64 F 21 Day(s)


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shamilton2 commented 11 months ago
Appearance: Towards the very end of the spectrum (darker color wise) for what’s allowed with SRM. Still in line. Head is off-white, but not super persistent (doesn’t really coat the glass either).

Aroma: Hop Aroma = Medium high, seemingly floral in overall note, with a slight spice and stone fruit. Malt Aroma = Medium bready grainy aroma – reminiscent of crusty bread . Almost Other Aromas = Pretty clean fermentation aroma with a slight fruit kick at the end.

Flavor: Hop Flavor = floral hop flavor; slight spice, slight grapefruit, and slight stone fruit (apricot). The floral notes are the most pronounced, but paired with the spice, it seems kind of earthy, overall. That was Allie’s first comment – it wasn’t ‘citrusy.’ Malt Flavor = a very slight sweetness from the crystal malts. The body is very balanced throughout the sip. This feels like a dryer beer, but is clocking in at 7.5%!!! This may be because the FG was supposed to be 1.018, but finished 1.013. If it had finished at closer to 1.018, it might take care of a lot of things. Other Flavors/Notes = Finishes pretty bitter, which is surprising considering it falls right in the middle of the bitterness scale for IPA’s. This may be because it finishes as dry as it does (dry finish + bitterness = lots of bitterness coming through). If anything, lower the overall bittering hops. This was mashed at 154 degrees. Maybe take it up a degree or two also?

Mouthfeel: Perfect carbonation (medium) and fuller mouthfeel, but not heavy. Definitely not like a 7.5% one.

Overall Comments: This reminds me a lot of Union Jack. A bold, full bodied IPA that clocks in (also) at 7.5% but drinks so much smoother. It’s bitter like this one is, and the overall hop character ISNT citrusy either. This is a really really good IPA – but if you are looking for that West Coast citrus forward, this is not the right hop profile. RECOMMENDATION: Body (malt) is great! I wouldn’t change that. You need to figure out the relatively dry finish that is compounded by a pretty high bitterness (i.e. up the FG to what it is supposed to be or up the mash temp?). If you were to change things outside of the flavor/aroma hops, it would be to reduce the bitterness of the Warrior. Of course, try making a citrus version and see what happens! Or figure out what hop is lending itself to the ‘earthiness’ that Allie mentioned and substitute.
shamilton2 commented 12 months ago
6.06.2023 -

OG = 1.070 (Nailed it perfectly)
FG = 1.013 (Better than the 1.018 est.)
ABV: 7.48%

Tasting Notes:

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