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13 Recipe(s)

Recipe Name Beer Style Recipe Type ABV IBU Author
Beejr's Octoberfest Märzen All Grain 7.7% 33 Avatar for bjhinklesr bjhinklesr
BJ And Kathys Oktoberfest Märzen All Grain 7.6% 33 Avatar for MichiganBrewSupply MichiganBrewSupply
Bock To The Future Märzen All Grain 6.8% 33 Avatar for Cjarnold45 Cjarnold45
Honey Oktoberfest Märzen All Grain 7.2% 23 Avatar for MichiganBrewSupply MichiganBrewSupply
Kit - Oktoberfest Märzen All Grain 6.0% 21 Avatar for MichiganBrewSupply MichiganBrewSupply
Kit - Oktoberfest Märzen Extract 6.0% 22 Avatar for MichiganBrewSupply MichiganBrewSupply
Midland Tapped Oktoberfest Märzen All Grain 4.5% 20 Avatar for mattMIBS mattMIBS
Octoberfest Märzen All Grain 5.5% 22 Avatar for RattleRun RattleRun
Oktober Marzen Märzen All Grain 4.6% 29 Avatar for ronaldparker ronaldparker
The Hunt For Dark October Märzen All Grain 7.1% 21 Avatar for bmorey05 bmorey05
The Mad Marzen Märzen All Grain 6.2% 32 Avatar for TheMadKing TheMadKing
Wedding Oktoberfest Märzen All Grain 5.5% 24 Avatar for biglarse biglarse
Winter House Märzen All Grain 5.8% 28 Avatar for Cjarnold45 Cjarnold45

Created with MIBrew from Michigan Brew Supply