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Weissbier (Hefeweizen)


8 - 15


2 - 6


1.044 - 1.052


1.010 - 1.014


4.3 - 5.6


A pale, refreshing German wheat beer with high carbonation, dry finish, a fluffy mouthfeel, and a distinctive banana-and-clove yeast character.

Recipe Name Recipe Type User
"Bananza" Bavarian Hefe (15—22) All Grain Henrik
7AM Hef All Grain PlymouthBrewWorks
Blood Orange Hefe All Grain tortoise05
Blueberry Hefeweizen All Grain mattMIBS
Blueberry Hefeweizen All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
BMW - Blue Diamond Man Is It Good HefeWeizen All Grain tallcoldone
Bruizerstepherweissen All Grain bruzewski
Bruizerstepherweissen Clone All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Bruizerstepherweissen V2 All Grain bruzewski
Cherry Weiss All Grain Deleted
Circle D Heff Partial Mash Howiedoin
El Hefe All Grain Schultzy_17
First Hefeweizen All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Hairy Mastodon Wart All Grain bmorey05
Harvest Weiss All Grain sumtinwitty
Heady Hefe All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Hefe #1 All Grain mattMIBS
Hefe Base 2021 All Grain ourboldhero
Hefe-Eicheln All Grain ourboldhero
HefeToast Crunch All Grain jeffvavrek
Hefeweizen All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Hefeweizen Base All Grain ourboldhero
Heffffff All Grain Deleted
Honey Hooked All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Imperial Cinnaweizen All Grain milogger
Kit - Hefeweizen Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Kristallweizen Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Little Heff Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Morey Hefe All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
New Hefe Base All Grain ourboldhero
One Gallon Kit - Hefeweizen Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Peach Gose' Hefe All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Pineapple Hefe All Grain ctuck989
Prost All Grain Sherpa
Raspberry Wheat Base Extract artinmidland
The Nutty ProHefer All Grain nicoleMIBS
Weddingweizen All Grain mattMIBS
Weissbier (Hefeweizen) All Grain jluftglidden
Welcome Home Hefe All Grain BecauseKyle
What The Hefe? All Grain codeboy823

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