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Blonde Ale


15 - 28


3 - 6


1.038 - 1.054


1.008 - 1.013


3.8 - 5.5


Easy-drinking, approachable, malt-oriented American craft beer, often with interesting fruit, hop, or character malt notes. Well-balanced and clean, is a refreshing pint without aggressive flavors.

Recipe Name Recipe Type User
"Dream Time – Realm Of The Wombat" (01-21) All Grain Henrik
B's Sweet Red (2.5g) All Grain Deleted
Beer All Grain BGoodBrews
Biermuncher Centennial Blonde All Grain ben_beer
Black Widow 2 Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Blind Hole Golden Ale Extract JennErik
Blitzkrieg All Grain Douglasalen
Blonde Ale All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Blonde Ale Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Blonde Ale...2.5 Extract beakcreek
Bruxelles Blonde - Brooklyn Brew All Grain Arjunaa
Cashmere Blonde All Grain ben_beer
Centennial Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Centennial Blonde (Double Batch) All Grain BrewerDan
Centennial Blonde 10 Gal. All Grain HerbTarlek
Centennial Blonde Clone All Grain wendyflory
Chad's Thing Extract Wolfatron
Clawhammer-inspired Clona All Grain HammerCA
Dayblazer (Easy Going Ale) Extract epetersen91
December Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Ditsy Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Ditsy Blonde Clone All Grain rmoglia
Easy Blonde Ale All Grain BrewerDan
Eerie Scarie Ale Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Ezra's Blonde B-day Ale All Grain bneums
Frankenstein Ale (Blonde) All Grain BrewerDan
Frankenstein Ale (Blonde) 10 Gal All Grain BrewerDan
Fruited Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Hammer's Hazy Wheat Blonde Ale All Grain HammerCA
Honey Blonde All Grain MG
Honey Orange All Grain BrewerDan
Honey Rye Blonde Ale Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Hoppy Blonde Extract epetersen91
Jake’s Trans-Atlantic Belgian Blonde Clone All Grain jstraley14
Kit - Blonde Ale Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Kit - Blonde Ale Clone All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Kuribo's Shoe All Grain CrunchyHotDog
Lager Like Ale All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Lawnmower Ale All Grain ScottBrewNY
Loving Summer Blonde Ale Clone All Grain lagers4life
Mango Blonde Ale Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Maple Blonde Ale All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Nutty Sap Waffle All Grain milogger
One More Cast Partial Mash JennErik
PB & Blonde (no Peanut Butter) All Grain rmoglia
Ring Of Fire Clone V1 Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Rosemary Gruit Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Salted Caramel Toffee Rum Blonde Ale Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Sarah's Coffee Blonde All Grain PlymouthBrewWorks
Sarah's Coffee Blonde Clone All Grain Jldull
Small Batch Blonde Ale Extract MichiganBrewSupply
Strawberry Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Strawberry Blonde Ale Extract cjwolters
Sully's Brew All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Summer Blonde Ale All Grain SLankart
Summer Citrus Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Summertime All Grain Rackman
The Lex All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Trans-Atlantic Belgian Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Trans-Atlantic Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Untitled Blonde Ale Partial Mash JennErik
Walden Clone All Grain bneums
Wascher Blonde All Grain MichiganBrewSupply
Weed Feed And Mow All Grain BrewerDan
Winter Blonde All Grain tip568
Winter Blonde Clone All Grain BrewerDan

Created with MIBrew from Michigan Brew Supply